Vinegar Virtues


You have probably prepared salad dressing using vinegar.
You may have even used a vinegar and water solution to wash your windows.
Did you know that vinegar has some other amazing uses?
It does and I will tell you about them.

Vinegar’s chemical name is acetic acid. It is a weak acid made by the fermentation of fruits or sugars. Vinegar’s fermentation process will not cause a drunken state. It is so much better than that. What it does do includes such things as healing toenail fungus, helping decrease morning sickness, treating colds, and soothes the skin. More details to follow.

Incidentally, there is another use for vinegar that you probably wouldn’t have guessed unless you were in the medical field. I was an oncology nurse for many moons. At one of the oncology groups I worked at we had a gynecological oncologist. He happened to be an expert in treating venereal warts. When he performed an internal pelvic exam, he would dip a very long swab in white vinegar and dab it on the cervix. The warts would be very clearly seen and he could plan the patient’s treatment. This is probably more information than you cared to know. So let’s move on to the other fascinating, and hopefully, less intimate and gross virtues of vinegar. I promise that we won’t be talking anymore about gynecology. Moving right along…

Vinegar can help someone suffering from the symptoms of a cold. To loosen mucus (I am still talking about gross stuff, aren’t I? Sorry.) or relieve congestion add ½ cup of vinegar to your vaporizer. No vaporizer? No problem. Add several spoonfuls to a steaming pot of water. With either method just inhale deeply. To soothe a sore throat mix honey with vinegar and gargle. When you are done with your vaporizer or humidifier soak the reservoir in hot vinegar to dissolve calcium deposits.

Skin problems? Have a burn? Gently apply white or cider vinegar to the burn. It will promote healing and decrease the tenderness. You can use the same treatment for a bee or jellyfish sting. One of the pages of my Farmer’s Almanac calendar had a recipe for treating dry cracked hands. The advice said that soaking one’s hands in cider vinegar would heal cracked, dry hands. I thought that it might sting or burn. My idea does not have any merit. Vinegar heals without discomfort. Got dandruff? After shampooing, rinse hair with a mixture of ½ cup vinegar in 2 cups of water.

Last but certainly not least, studies suggest that ingesting a small amount of vinegar daily may keep one’s blood sugar on a more even keel. The study didn’t specify just how much vinegar should be consumed. That would be a nice piece of information to have. Some vinegar lovers swear that vinegar can even help acid reflux and arthritis. This has not been proven by scientific research as of this post.

I guess Mother Nature does really know best. To your health.

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