What’s a Mother to Do?

The dishes don't wash themselves around here
The dishes don’t wash themselves around here

Did you ever wonder how some things don’t change? Take for instance days off and food leftovers. When was a day off really a day off? I am sure many of you have “days off” like mine. When I am off on Sundays it is a more restful day. It is a day for church and family. Some things still have to be done even on that day, like dishes, cooking dinner, etc. What about a day off during the week? Not a day to relax, at least not for me. There are errands to run, doctor appts., oops! that last person who went shopping forgot the toilet paper!, the dogs has diarrhea all over the carpet (this is all true), got to go to the vet. Who is going to do the dishes? And there are 6 loads of laundry piled up because I can’t get off work in time, and why did someone have to have a fender bender during rush hour? Gee whiz! Why haven’t you put your clothes away yet or did you remember to take the dog for his evening constitutional? I sometimes think I would rather forget the day’s off and keep on at my job instead. Days off are as busy as work days, if not more so. Then it is off to bed because the alarm is going to go off at 5 am so I can get up for work. No wonder I am getting gray hair. If I had it my way, the dishwasher would load itself. My children would cook their own dinners and hang up their clothes. My daughter’s dog would walk itself and clean up his own poop and return home without getting lost or biting someone who is walking down the street. The laundry would wash and fold itself, and I would finally be able to sit in my recliner with my feet up and a good book (not Ben-Hur), and my daughter’s dog would sit on her lap and not on top of the book I am trying to read.

Food leftovers… Do you remember when your children were little and they didn’t finish all of their fish or veggies? Remember how you didn’t want to waste anything, so rather than throw it away, you would clean their plates for them by eating the stuff? Those days are not gone at my house. I trained my children to eat all kinds of fruits and veggies (except turnips. Those are the nastiest tasting things in the world, next to raisins. Even I won’t eat them.) I also cooked mostly with ground turkey and they both survived. Well, something happened on the way to adulthood and I don’t know what is was. My son and my daughter are picky eaters. So, for example, last night I fixed turkey burgers as this is okay on MediFast. I spiced them up. My daughter took two bites and she said couldn’t finish it. The meat tasted too “lean.” So, who do you think is going to get to have those turkey burgers for the next couple of nights in a row? Mom, of course. The other night the chicken didn’t tast right, so it wasn’t eaten. (Honestly, I am a pretty good cook, but you wouldn’t know it lately.) I got to have the chicken in salads for 3 nights in a row. It tasted fine to me. My son buys this seasoned pork loin because his children really love it. I am Hungarian so we live on pork, but this is not seasoned to my liking. Who gets the leftovers? Not my son. He doesn’t want it. The dog wants it, but he gets diarrhea so he can’t have it. I just had it for dinner. Uh huh! Just like when my children were little. Mom was the leftover Hoover at our house. Yum! Now, if left me cake or brownies, I would Hoover it. (Sorry, MediFast. Being honest here.) But of course, those aren’t left over.

All I can say is, “What’s a mother to do?” Blog you Later!

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