What’s cooking in Mama’s kitchen this time? Butter frosting!

A delicious cupcake
A delicious cupcake

Recently I shared a recipe with you for Greasy Frosting. I think my mom’s mom taught her how to make it and then my mother taught me. I hope you tried it even though it sounded funky because of the use of flour. It really is good stuff!

This time I want to share a recipe for Butter Frosting (which is the name my book gives to butter cream frosting) from a very old cookbook that I was given as a Christmas present way back when I was about 10. You can tell I am a little older because I grew up in the days of S & H Green Stamps and special offers that you could purchase at the gas station for a dollar or so after you pumped your gas. (Many of you may not even know about green stamps or goodies you could buy at the gas station. I am not talking about burgers or hot dogs or chips at the AM/PM either.) Now what does reminiscing about the good old days have to do with this recipe and the old cookbook it came from? Well, now that you have asked, let me tell you.

Every time my mom would buy gas at the local Sinclair station (Is Sinclair Oil even around anymore?) she paid a little extra and pick up the next installment of a cookbook. The first item purchased was the cover. It has long since fallen apart and so now I have the recipes stuck in a notebook. One Christmas I found the cookbook cover filled with a complete set of recipes. Since I love books I loved this cookbook, though I didn’t start using it until I went to college. (Why bother cooking when I was living in the same household as a wonderful cook?) This cookbook has been a great help on many occasions. Since I couldn’t seem to get my mom’s butter cream frosting right, I consulted ye olde cookbook. I have gotten rave reviews from my children, grandchildren, and friends. Easy to make and yummy. It’s a sure hit.


1/3 cup butter, partially softened                         3 cups sifted powdered (confectioners’) sugar
3 tablespoons light cream (I use sour cream.)      1 beaten egg yolk
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

I know there is the controversy over eating raw eggs. Well, I have used a raw egg each time and so far no family members or friends have keeled over.

In a bowl combine butter and sugar. (Use your electric mixer as it makes the frosting creamier.) I don’t sift the sugar because it kept clogging up my sifter. There was not any difference between sifted and not sifted. Blend in egg yolk. Stir in cream and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Makes 2 cups. Frost your favorite cake or cupcakes and enjoy.

Bon Appétit!

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